Our Core Values

DEVOTION --(Worship, Word and Prayer)-- Authenticity in any relationship, requires commitment to intimacy. We believe that a lifestyle of worship includes expressed adoration, a dedicated prayer life and hunger for the word of God which produces life.

HONOR -- We choose to honor God with our reverence for His statutes. We demonstrate the way of Christ by the way we honor one another.

GRACE, LOVE AND MERCY -- We have been shown extravagent love by the Father in the gift of grace, that was paid for by His Son, Jesus, on the cross. Because of this we should demonstrate mercy towards others rather than judgement. 

GENERATIONS -- We believe that our elders possess great wisdom that is invaluable to the body of Christ. Our kids are the church of today and we are commited to equip them to move in faith and power.

SERVICE -- Everyone is created with gifts and called to be effective in service. It is our purpose to help the body of Christ discover, develop and demonstrate their gifts for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God.

SALVATION FOR ALL -- We believe that the gospel message is for everyone. And that we are the vessels that He has chosen to proclaim the good news to all the world.

DISCIPLESHIP -- If something is not growing, it is dying. Teaching spiritual truths that are vital to the abundant life is our commitment (John 10:10). We offer Christian Life classes that are designed to help the believer grow and mature in the faith.